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"We do not run your business. We make your business run better."

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Power databases designed to support your business processes and operations.
  • Web-enabled business processes
  • Office automation
  • Market Analysis
  • Financial reporting
  • Payroll and billing systems
  • Decision support systems
  • Data conversion and migration

Database Applications

The staff at S Cubed have been designing database applications for decades. Do you remember DEC DataTrieve, R-Base and MS-Access Version 1.0?

Now enter the 21st century - data driven web sites using the latest Microsoft technology in Access, SQL Server and SQL Express.

Web-enabled business processes

If you have a static web site that needs to be dynamic and interactive, then contact us about our "back-end" server-side software applications using Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) and ASP.NET.

Office Automation

Are you still trying to run your business on Microsoft Excel? (And you know who you are.) Let us automate your business process with a database solution. Benifits include:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased quality
  • Increased profits

Market Analysis

You have a database but data is of no strategic value untill it is turned into information. S Cubed can show you how to data-mine your customer database and find those gold nuggets that are in there.

Remember Marketing 101 (80% of your sales comes from 20% of your customers)? That is why Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is so important.

Data conversion and migration

You have outgrown your current database application. Now it is time to move to a new system, but of course the new database is not compatible with your old system.

S Cubed can analyse your database and safely migrate your mission critical data to the new system.

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