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Business Survival and Continuity

The staff at Software, Systems and Solutions want your business to be protected against a disaster that wipes-out your business systems.

S Cubed is an authorized agent for DataPreserve, a national company specializing in Business Survival and Continuity.

"DataPreserve is the online remote backup company that delivers personally tailored, secure data protection solutions."

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Notebook PC Prone to Failure - PC World Gartner June 2006
  • What would hapen if you found your data server crashed this morning? Can you recover your mission critical systems and data in a short period of time? Or would you be out of business for several days, weeks, or months trying to recover?
  • Sure you have a tape backup system in place, but ... Do you change the tape every day? Do you store the tape in a secure site away from your office or are the tapes setting next to the server where they can be destroyed by the same accident that destroyed your server?
  • It is not a matter of "IF" but "WHEN" you will want to restore business information lost due to a hardware failure.
  • It not just backing up your data, it is about getting your data back.
  • We can show you how to automatically backup your files every night in a HIPAA compliant secure and encrypted site.